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In today’s busy world, nothing ruins our day like a car which won’t start, is unreliable, runs rough, handles poorly or even worse, a car that won’t stop.  We use our cars to transport our most precious cargo to school, football, netball or even obedience school.  We need our cars to be safe and reliable.


With the internet, information is now easily available on how to maintain our cars and the world is turning to DIY.  There are videos and advice on how to change brake pads, ignition leads and all other manner of easy tasks which used to be hidden away behind the ‘employees only’ door at the local mechanic.


At Lismar Automotive we take you through the ‘employees only’ door by offering the same products used by mechanics at a fraction of the cost.


All the products we sell are fitted to our own vehicles, which are used to transport our precious cargo.  If we won’t fit a part to our cars, we don’t sell it.


Our staff have the experience and knowledge to be able to confidently answer any queries you may have, and we take pride in our old fashioned customer service.


Lismar Automotive is a family owned business which supplies quality car parts at affordable prices.  We deliver genuine well known brands as shown on our website at competitive prices to your front door to enable you to keep your car, and your day, going how it should.

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