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The new Bendix Heavy Duty pads belong on every ute, van and pickup in the country. It’s an automatic choice. Whether it’s a heavily loaded work ute or a courier van in stop start traffic, Bendix Heavy Duty are specially formulated to work under heavy loads and at high temperatures and last up to twice as long as all-purpose standard brake pads.


They’re made from a specifically developed compound formulated to deliver real heavy duty performance for all sorts of load carrying situations whether it’s the demands of city driving or the hard grind of construction sites. Bendix Heavy Duty brake pads are ideal for towing in fact, any situation involving frequent braking under load.


The pads also come with an exclusive insulation layer between the friction material and backing plate for cooler braking and longer rotor life.



A multi-purpose brake pad for working vehicles, towing and other heavy duty applications. HYBRID Fusion Technology delivers a unique compound that lasts up to twice as long as all-purpose brake pads in hard working and high temperature conditions. Blue Titanium Stripe means the driver feels instant positive pedal feel and an exclusive insulation layer creates cooler braking and longer life.



Put your foot down with confidence

Hybrid Fusion Technology

Is the fusion of Bendix Technologies and compounds into a complete quality product.



Exclusive insulation layer enables the brake pads to operate in high temperature conditions offering longer pad life, improved fade and improved rotor life


Blue Titanium Stripe

No bedding-in required, means less down time and improved customer satisfaction. Instant pedal feel from the first stop.

Designed for Hard Working Vehicles - Able to handle extra loads. Great for towing, courier vans, taxis and heavier vehicles.


Noise Absorbing Shims

Product engineered and tested to eliminate noise and vibration. Also coated with Noise Absorbing Shims for reduced transmission of vibration and noise from the brake pad during extreme braking.


OE Logbook Servicing

Bendix brake components are appropriate for the purpose intended and if installed by qualified staff, to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications, can be used in logbook servicing.

Hybrid Fusion Technology, Insulayer Cooler Braking, Blue Titanium Stripe
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