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Reconditioned Brake Calipers


Complete ready to bolt on.


Brake Calipers are disassembled and all components are cleaned and checked prior to assembly. Any components which are not able to be reconditioned are replaced.


All rubber components & bleed nipples are replaced. Brake Caliper slides and slide pins are zinc coated for corrosion protection.


Brake Calipers are assembled with caliper assembly compound which prevents sticking and corrosion in the calipers. This compound will not affect any of the rubber components and is unaffected by moisture.


Brake Caliper pins, slides and bushings are lubricated with a ceramic high performance synthetic lubricant which is specifically for brake parts, metal to metal and metal to rubber contact areas. This synthetic lubricant is insoluble & waterproof, reduces wear, corrosion and noise, is non-melting and gives extreme temperature protection up to 1650 degrees Celsius.


Reconditioned Brake Calipers come with a 12 Month / 20,000km Warranty.

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