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Drive Force silicon ignition leads are your guarantee in supplying maximum energy to your vehicles ignition system.


Drive Force ignition leads utilise the latest technology in construction and design to ensure your vehicle operates at peak performance under extreme conditions.


A high intensity, quicker, brighter spark is the result, ensuring easier starting, better idle quality, improved throttle response and increased power and torque.




  • 250° high temp resistance
  • High Grade 100% silicon extruded construction
  • Inductive core technology
  • High dielectric strength, prevents voltage leaks
  • Suitable for both LPG and Petrol applications
  • High temperature resistant boots
  • Greater engine responsiveness and increased fuel efficiency
  • Exceeds international standards
  • Direct OEM replacement
  • OBD-II computer safe




5 Year / 100,000km Warranty*

* If correctly fitted


Driveforce Ignition Leads, Brake Pads, Gaskets and Universal Joints
Driveforce Ignition Leads
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