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8.0mm - 11.0mm Eliminator Series


Guaranteed to positively perform in the toughest of environments!


8 & 9mm Eliminator Series are the top of Eagle's range for Passenger (inc.LPG), Performance, Commercial & 4WD vehicles. They withstand high heat and are fitted with Eagle's Ferrite Spiral Core conductor which by induction design delivers peak voltage to the plugs ensuring complete combustion for super quick starts and smooth running.


10.5 & 11mm Eliminator Series are at the forefront of technology and are designed for Street / Strip & Professional Racing only.




  • Eagles computer designed "finger grip" boot allows easy on / easy off installation of the spark plug boot.
  • Unequalled durability by using our best 240°C high-temp modified Silicone.
  • Zero rust 0.43mm Stainless Steel base.
  • High Memory spring steel retaining clip for positive terminal locking at all RPM'S.
  • Triple cable retaining ribs and "W" shaped crimp ensure superior cable retention.
  • 430 Stainless Steel Distributor & Coil Terminals for corrosion free peak connectivity.
  • Heavy Duty EPDM Distributor Boots ensure complete protection from moisture and high voltage crossover
  • The heart and soul of our Eliminator Series lead. Stainless Steel or Copper wound (depending on lead type) Ferrite Spiral Core conductor with super low resistance for maximum voltage delivery.
  • Technologically advanced nylon tape adds tensile strength.
  • 240°C high-temp Silicone outer and inner jackets




This product comes with a 3 Year / 60,000Km replacement warranty. Warranty will be deemed void if goods have been abused, misused, tampered with, altered in any way, used for a purpose other than stated on the carton or fitted to a non street driven vehicle.


8-11mm Hi-Performance Eliminator Series. Eagle's Eliminator Seire of leads are guaranteed to positively perform in the toughest of enviroments!
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