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8.0mm Heavy Duty Ultra Series



High quality heavy duty aftermarket replacement lead set for most passenger, commercial & 4WD vehicles. A heavy duty set of ignition leads primarily designed to handle higher heat conditions prevalent in most late model passenger, commercial and 4WD vehicles.




  • "Finger Grip" Design ensures easy fitment and removal of Spark Plug Boot. (Where applicable)
  • Computer Aided Internal Boot Design allows the terminal's contours to be faithfully reproduced eliminating any chance of crossfire.
  • Unequaled durability by utilising High Temp. modified Silicone compounds.
  • High memory spring steel retaining clip designed for positive terminal locking at all RPM's.
  • Precision engineered 0.43mm Stainless Steel Base.
  • Extra long base ensures minimal heat transfer from spark plug tip to inner cable core. This ensures maximum cable life.
  • Triple cable retaining ribs for superior cable retention.
  • 1,650±250 OHMS resistance per metre.
  • Stainless steel spiral wound conductor.
  • Technologically advanced nylon tape adds tensile strength.
  • >240° silicone on silicone insulating jackets.




This product comes with a 3 Year / 60,000Km replacement warranty. Warranty will be deemed void if goods have been abused, misused, tampered with, altered in any way, used for a purpose other than stated on the carton or fitted to a non street driven vehicle.


8.0mm Heavy Duty Ultra Series. Stainless Steel Sprial Core. A quality aftermarket replacement lead set for most passenger vehicles
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