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Gates DriveAlign® Tensioner Pulleys


Tensioner pulleys are a wear item and should be replaced when the tensioner requires replacement.


Gates has been producing the highest quality automotive products for over 100 years, and supply the world’s largest car manufacturers with automotive products that they need. This is particularly so in the Accessory Belt Drive System, where Gates is a leading supplier of drive belts and components to the car manufacturers.


The Gates DriveAlign® Tensioner Pulleys are made to the same high standards and specifications as the parts supplied to the car manufacturers (OE). Gates has a complete line of pulleys for V- belt drives.



  • Made of steel and thermoplastic, Gates DriveAlign® Tensioner Pulleys provide excellent wear resistance, heat dissipation and dampening.
  • They resist dust, grit, salt, and other contaminants that reduce pulley life. The extra long life bearings are designed to operate under high temperatures and exhibit less wobble.
  • Gates pulleys also reduce wear, vibration and friction on belts, thereby extending belt service life.


As a complete system supplier, Gates offers you a wide range of OE equivalent DriveAlign® Tensioner Pulleys that fit the application perfectly and cover all the major models in the market. You can be confident that Gates DriveAlign® Tensioner Pulleys will perform exactly as they should.


Replacing a Belt?

To reduce belt warranty problems, comebacks and labor claims, Gates recommends that all Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS) components, including the belt, tensioner, and pulleys, be replaced at the same time.


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