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GT Sport, Monroe's proven Reflex advanced suspension technology meets King Springs race bred market leading performance to provide lowered performance shock absorbers with outstanding street appeal.


Monroe's reliability and King Springs' durability combine to offer improved vehicle aesthetics and optimum on-road performance in the perfect solution for affordable height and ride customisation in aftermarket vehicles.


Designed with control and quality in mind, GT Sport achieves the desirable look of a lowered vehicle profile while providing optimum performance and control.


Product features

  • Sports performance tuned
  • Incorporates proven Monroe Reflex technology
  • Increased compression travel
  • Specially designed compression bumper rubbers
  • Complimentary strut and spring combination for maximum performance
  • Exclusive twin disc design
  • Teflon banded piston
  • Multi-lip piston rod seal
  • Superior hardchrome piston rod finish
  • Nitrogen gas pressurised
  • 3 year/60,000km warranty


Product benefits

  • Provides highly desirable lowered look
  • Tuned to provide sports performance
  • Superior damping control with minimal suspension hardness
  • Dramatically reduces body roll
  • Improved front to rear vehicle balance
  • Improved suspension reaction time and precise damping control
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What is the difference in ride height to a standard replacement product?


The ride height when compared with original equipment springs and shock absorbers when the vehicle was new is an average of 25-30 millimetres lower for the Monroe GT Sport with a 'Low' spring and 40-50 millimetres when fitted with a 'Super Low' spring.


The GT Sport product complements properly engineered vehicles. By lowering a vehicle, you are modifying it significantly, which brings other important factors such as wheel size into play.


Note - the length of the shock absorber plays no part in lowering the car. It's all down to the height of the spring.

Monroe Shocks & Struts
Monroe GT Sport with proven Reflex advanced suspension technology
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